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Students admitted in D.El.Ed. Session-2019-21 - *Students admitted in D.El.Ed. Session-2018-20 - *Students admitted in B.Ed. Session-2018-20 - *Students admitted in B.Ed. Session-2019-21

Non Teaching Staff

S.No. Name of Employee Designation/ Post Type of Appointments Salary per Month
1 Mr. Manoj Mishra Accountant Regular Rs.14000/-
2 Mr. Sanjay Sikharwar Computer Operator Regular Rs.14000/-
3 Ms. Soha Khan Librarian Regular Rs.12000/-
4 Mr. Rajesh Lab. Asstt. Regular Rs.10000/-
5 Mr. Ashish Lab. Asstt. Regular Rs.11000/-
6 Mr. Rahul O.S. Regular Rs.12000/-
7 Mr.Arun Clerk Regular Rs.9000/-
8 Mr. Banbari Lal Peon Regular Rs.8000/-
9 Mrs. Asha Devi Peon Regular Rs.8000/-
10 Mrs. Seema Sweeper Regular Rs.8000/-
11 Mrs. Malti Sweeper Regular Rs.7000/-
12 Mr. Mahavir Singh Mali Regular Rs.8000/-
13 Mr. Shiv Lal Mali Regular Rs.7000/-
14 Mr. Krapal Chokidar Regular Rs.7500/-
15 Mr. Harendra Night Guard Regular Rs.8000/-
16 Mr. Satish Singh Night Guard Regular Rs.7000/-