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Science & Mathematics Lab


The college has a well-equipped  laboratory with three big demonstration tables, charts and models, and apparatus required for conducting science practicals of school level. The Laboratory is well equipped with the requisite facilities and equipments as per NCTE norms.The lab comprises of various charts, models, specimens,    apparatus, equipments, chemicals and reagents related to Physical and Life Sciences, microscope, specimen of human skeleton etc., are also available. The lab also comprises of different types of charts, pictures related to mathematics, static and dynamic models, weighing and measuring instruments, geometry kit and collage, thermometer, bar magnet, pulleys, beads, balls, sticks, pebbles, match bones and stencils for geometrical figures.


This laboratory is utilized for conducting theory and practical classes both for teaching of physical sciences and life sciences. The curriculum of teaching of science requires intensive training in conducting practicals in science at various level of schooling. To achieve this objective, the teacher students are given training in conducting at least 10 practicals each in physical sciences and life sciences as prescribed in the school syllabi.


The laboratory is planned in such a way that the contents of theory are substantiated by the charts and models placed in the laboratory, to concretize the phenomena of sciences in the minds of learners. This laboratory is also utilized for giving demonstration lessons in teaching of physical sciences and life sciences to the students